Ready Assemble Furniture

Looking for a custom set of furniture that you can assemble yourself? We have you covered. At Art and Industrial we have the ability to design and manufacture many different types of Ready Assemble furniture. For example in the past we manufactured an entire set of office desks and tables. Pictured above is our most …read more

Ready assemble furniture

Production Services- Seattle

Looking for a production run of material, but don’t want to deal with a large manufacturing company? We can help you produce small to large size orders of various CNC and fabrication work. We have the capabilities to cut any shape from wood, foam, MDF, acrylic, and much more. Our team is small and focused …read more


Seattle 4-axis CNC Router

At Art and Industrial we have the ability to cut a 4-axis column with our CNC router. This column in particular is about four feet long and made of premium oak. We can program a variety of different patterns on the columns. For example, earlier this summer we cut a totem pole and mannequins for …read more

4-axis Router

Seattle Handcrafted Furniture

Here at Art and Industrial we also create one of a kind handcrafted furniture. We just recently put finishing touches on this ornate chair. Its made from White oak and assembled by hand. The pieces were programmed and cut on a CNC router in-house. We work with our clients to create unique designs, and have …read more

Furniture -chair

Seattle Architectural Wall Panels

This is a very nice Architectural wall panel that we created. The material is hard wood and was cut using our CNC router. We work with a lot of Architects for various projects ranging from this panel to site models, and much more.

wall panel

CNC Router- Human figures

This is a recent project we did on the CNC Router. The figure is from a few pieces of wood glued together, and sits about four and a half feet tall. We also made a base for the figure to sit on. The detail on the figure has a life like quality to it. This …read more

Native American