Production Services- Seattle

Looking for a production run of material, but don’t want to deal with a large manufacturing company? We can help you produce small to large size orders of various CNC and fabrication work. We have the capabilities to cut any shape from wood, foam, MDF, acrylic, and much more. Our team is small and focused …read more


Images- Etching on Metal- Seattle

We are one of the few companies to be able to offer metal etching in the Seattle area. We etch on metal using our advanced CNC Laser machine. The CNC laser is a high precision machine that is capable of cutting and etching different types of metal with pinpoint accuracy. This is all achieved by …read more

metal images

Metal Cutting Seattle Laser

Here at Art and Industrial we have the capabilities to use our new laser for metal cutting. We can cut many different types including bronze, steel, and aluminum sheets. The sheets can have a thickness up to an eighth of an inch. Secondly, with the large format table we can cut multiple shapes in one …read more

cut metal

Seattle Large Format Laser Cutting, Etching and Engraving Seattle

Our CNC Laser is a great machine for precision cutting. Whatever you need Laser Cutting, Etching or Engraving we can work in tolerances within .001. The laser has the capability to cut or etch through wood, MDF board, Plastics, acrylic and metal. Furthermore, the machine has a large format table for jobs that are extra …read more

Laser Cutting

Large Format Wood or Metal Etching Seattle

CNC Laser is a great precision tool for large format Signs, plaques, and other items. Just this past summer we created a memorial sign that was over 50 feet wide. We can accomplish this by etching entire sheets of metal or plywood and combining them together for one seamless image. We can also adjust the …read more


Seattle/Tacoma Children’s Museum Exquisite Project

“Exquisite” project just opened at the Tacoma Children’s Museum. The Artist is Marisa Vitiello. The piece is designed to be a collaborative project with anyone able to add their personal touch. All the pieces can be drawn on, and are movable. Once you are happy with what you have created go ahead a take a …read more

Exquisite Project